Supporting the Empowerment of Pre-Prosperous Women Who Do Ultra Micro Businesses, Telkomsel Collaborates with PNM to Accelerate Digitalization of the Ultra Micro Sector
  • Data from the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection shows that 64% of the total MSME players are women who face the challenges of digital penetration and existence in digital-based markets.
  • Telkomsel's collaboration with PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) presents a variety of solutions to encourage digital acceleration of Indonesian MSME players.
  • By utilizing Telkomsel Enterprise digital solutions, the PNM Mekaar Program can increase account officer productivity, microloan processing time efficiency, increase the number of customers, and improve the welfare of women entrepreneurs.


Jakarta, 11 November 2023 – Telkomsel is collaborating with PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) in strengthening the digitalization of the PNM Membina Ekonomi Keluarga Sejahtera (Mekaar) Program to accelerate the empowerment of pre-prosperous women in Indonesian Ultra Micro Business (UMi). This collaboration is in line with Telkomsel's leading role as a driver of the digital ecosystem which consistently provides a variety of innovative solutions for  UMi players, which this time is realized through Telkomsel Enterprise's superior products and services, named Device BundlingMobile Device Management, and Seamless Mobile Authentication packages as solutions to increase the productivity and standard of living of pre-prosperous women in business. Telkomsel also provides communication packages for account officers, group leaders and PNM customers to help coordinate in the field and increase productivity.


Telkomsel President Corporate Account Management, Cheppy Djakaria said, "Based on data from the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection, 64% of the total MSME players in Indonesia are women with a contribution to national GDP reaching 61 percent. The challenges for MSMEs for women in developing their businesses are still quite large, such as digital penetration and existence in digital-based markets which continue to experience an increasing trend. Our collaboration with PNM is in line with Telkomsel's spirit which is inspired by the Indonesian spirit of working together to drive the nation's progress, by encouraging the empowerment of pre-prosperous women to be more empowered and able to overcome socio-economic problems. We hope that this collaboration can improve the welfare of women who will later be able to help support the nation's economy through the MSME sector."


L. Dodot Patria, Corporate Secretary of PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) explained, "PNM is committed to becoming the leading and largest group lending financing institution in the world in increasing added value in a sustainable manner for MSMEs. By utilizing Telkomsel's digital solutions, the PNM Mekaar program can further increase the productivity of ultra-micro business actors, especially women, through digital transformation. "Apart from that, this collaboration also significantly increases the efficiency of the micro loan process, increases the number of PNM customers and ease of access to capital, as well as increasing economic prosperity through improving financial management capabilities, capital financing without collateral, as well as competence in entrepreneurship and business development."


Through this collaboration,Telkomsel presents the use of digital solutions, named Device Bundling package, which makes it easy to purchase a wide selection of devices and connectivity packages at affordable prices according to customer needs. Then presents Mobile Device Management solution, which provides device and application protection from data breaches, avoids financial losses due to data leaks, and makes daily application usage configuration easier. As well as Seamless Mobile Authentication solution, which can support application security from OTP code misuse and account takeover by irresponsible parties seamlessly with the ease of automatic authentication, and allows customers to integrate the Seamless Mobile Authentication feature with other authentication solutions. Meanwhile, the communication package offered allows free calls to fellow groups, access to the PNM application, to complete telephone and data packages.


PNM provides support for the empowerment of its customers through 3 pillars of capital, namely Financial Capital, Intellectual Capital and Social Capital. PNM Mekaar is a capital loan service for pre-prosperous women in the MSME sector which was launched in 2015. PNM Mekaar is focused on women who are ultra-micro entrepreneurs with family conditions who have a maximum per capita income index of USD 1.99 per day or IDR 800 thousand per month and meet the index house (Cashpoor Index House). To be able to help ultra micro business actors, PNM synergized with BRI and Pegadaian in forming Ultra Micro Holding to create complete, integrated financial services that meet the needs of UMi business actors.


Apart from that, in response to market needs, PNM Mekaar presented PNM Mekaar Syariah at the end of 2018 in several PNM Mekaar branches such as Aceh, Padang and West Nusa Tenggara. By the end of 2022, PNM Mekaar Syariah had 11,0 mio customers or 73,7 percent of the toal 14,90 mio PNM Mekaar customer accounts. Further information regarding PNM can be accessed via



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