What is the difference between getting business financing from PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) and other financial institutions?

In addition to providing business financing, PNM also provides business assistance and training on a regular and continuous basis, in accordance with customer needs so that the business can develop and rise up the class.

How to buy PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) bonds?

Purchases of PNM Bonds can be through securities companies appointed by the Company.

Does PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (Persero) also help customers to do marketing?

PT PNM has a subsidiary company, PT Mitra Dagang Madani, which was established specifically to market MSE products from PNM-assisted customers, both online and offline.

Can people who are not PNM customers take part in Program Pengembangan Kapasitas Usaha (PKU)?

PKU is devoted to PNM assisted customers and prospective PNM customers.

Does PNM have a Sharia program?

PNM has two sharia products, namely PNM ULaMM Syariah and PNM Mekaar Syariah

How to pay PNM ULaMM installments?

Payments can be paid via a minimarket and virtual account.

Can PNM ULaMM customers get a loan increase?

Yes, PNM ULaMM customers can get a loan increase if they have maintained their memberships for 12 years minimum and paid installments smoothly.

I don't have a business entity; can I become a PNM ULaMM customer?

PNM can provide financing and business assistance to individuals and business entities.

Are there specific criteria for being a PNM ULaMM customer?

The business at least has been running for a minimum of 1 year.

Are there types of businesses that cannot be financed by PNM ULaMM?

Types of businesses that violate the law.

I don't have/run a business yet; can I become a PNM Mekaar member?

Yes, you can. PNM Mekaar intended for disadvantaged women either already have a business or about to start a business.

Are there specific criteria become PNM Mekaar customers?

Mekaar PNM is specifically for women.

How to pay for PNM Mekaar installments?

Installment payments are paid weekly in the Pertemuan Kelompok Mingguan (PKM) activities.

Can PNM Mekaar customers get a loan increase? What are the criteria that must be met?

Yes, PNM Mekaar customers can get a loan increase if paid the installments smoothly and complete the payment cycle properly.