PNM Mekaar

"Jujur, Disiplin, Kerja Keras"

Along with the development of the business, in 2015, PNM launched a capital loan service for underprivileged women of Ultra Micro businesses through the Membina Ekonomi Keluarga Sejahtera program (PNM Mekaar). PNM Mekaar is strengthened by business assistance activities and carried out in groups.



Basically, PNM Mekaar customers have knowledge and skills in business, but the limited access to working capital financing makes their business skills less utilized. Some reasons for the limited access include constraints on formalities, the scale of business, and lack of collateral.

Therefore, PNM implements a joint responsibility group system that is expected to bridge the gap in access to finance so that customers are able to develop businesses in order to reach their dreams and improve family welfare.

The benefits distributed by PNM through PNM Mekaar’s service include:

  • Improved financial management;
  • Capital financing without collateral;
  • Planting a culture of saving; and
  • Entrepreneurship competency and business development.



Following are the criteria that must be fulfilled by PNM Mekaar customers:

  • PNM Mekaar services are intended for underprivileged women of ultra micro businesses;
  • Financing of the PNM Mekaar does not require physical collateral, but rather be jointly grouped, with disciplinary requirements to attend the financing preparation and weekly group meeting process;
  • A minimum group of 10 customers;
  • Each group is led by a chairperson;
  • Weekly group meetings must be held once a week, as activities to pay weekly installments and business coaching.