General Meeting of Shareholders & Board Committee

General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS)

The General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) is the highest organ of the company that holds all authority not delegated to the Board of Commissioners and/or Directors. In accordance with the Company's Articles of Association. The GMS has the authority, among others:

  1. Appoint and dismiss members of the Board of Commissioners and Directors.

  2. Requesting the responsibility of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors for the implementation of their duties in managing the Company.

  3. Amend the Company's Articles of Association.

  4. Approve or reject various proposals related to corporate actions and strategic policies that will be carried out by management.

The GMS is held regularly once a year (Annual GMS). At any time if needed the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders can be carried out.


Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for supervising and providing advice to the Board of Directors regarding issues relating to the Company's policies and the implementation of the Company's management in general. The PNM Board of Commissioners is as follows:

President Commissioner                                                                   : Agus Muharram

Independent Commissioner                                                            : M. Sholeh Amin

Independent Commissioner                                                            : Meidyah Indreswari

Independent Commissioner                                                            : Veronica Colondam


Board of Directors

Direksi bertanggung jawab untuk menetapkan kebijakan dan mengelola Perseroan dengan prinsip kehati-hatian sesuai dengan ketentuan yang ada untuk kepentingan Perseroan dan dalam rangka mencapai tujuan-tujuan Perseroan yang telah ditetapkan. Susunan Dewan Direksi PNM adalah sebagai berikut :

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting policies and managing the Company with the precautionary principle in accordance with existing provisions for the benefit of the Company and in order to achieve the Company's stated objectives. The composition of the PNM Board of Directors is as follows:


President Director                                                                               : Arief Mulyadi

Finance Director                                                                                  : Tjatur H. Priyono

Business Director I                                                                              : Abianti Riana

Compliance and Risk Management Director                             : M. Q. Gunadi


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of the Company is a committee formed by the Board of Commissioners to assist the duties of the Board of Commissioners in assessing the adequacy of the internal control system, adequacy of reporting and disclosure of financial statements as well as other tasks in support of the Board of Commissioners' oversight and supervision functions. The Audit Committee is independent both in carrying out its duties and in reporting and is directly responsible to the Board of Commissioners of the Company. The composition of the Audit Committee is as follows:


Chair                                                                                                         : Meidyah Indreswari

Chair                                                                                                         : M. Sholeh Amin

Member                                                                                                  : Hari Setiadi

Member                                                                                                  : Rafi Rakhmadan


Sharia Supervisory Board

Sharia Supervisory Board was formed based on Directors Decree No. 017/SK/PNM/VI/2002, dated June 20, 2002, concerning the Establishment of the Sharia Supervisory Board and members of the DPS compiled based on the National Sharia Board Letter No.U-240/DSN-MUI/VII/2011 dated 12th July 2011, regarding the recommendations of the Sharia Supervisory Board.

The task of the DPS is to help supervise the activities of business units within the Company that conduct business activities based on sharia principles so as not to deviate from the sharia provisions and principles that have been stated by the National Sharia Board.

Sharia Supervisory Board Member                                               : K. H. Didin Hafidhuddin

Member of the Sharia Supervisory Board                                   : M. Syafii Antonio